Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

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Do you still obsess over the hurtful things your abuser said to you, although you’ve been apart for a while?  Have you begun to accept the hurtful things they said as reality, and believe the end of the relationship was your entire fault?  Here’s the truth, a large number of Narcissistic abuse victims never get relief from the pain, grief, and despair from the mistreatment they endured, although many have been to trained therapists and psychologists with doctorate degrees.

Why?  Because most people working in the mental health field have had little success in treating Narcissists, much less how to treat their victims.  Even worse, I’ve read several accounts of victims who’ve been taken advantage of by their therapist!  This isn’t commonplace, but it does happen.  Then, there are stories of people who’ve been seeing a counselor for 2, 4, and even 6 years, but still haven’t gotten…

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