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Male sociopaths think all women are whores and that all of our decisions and choices are based on our need for penis.

>> We marry or date the sociopath, because we want his penis.

>> We take a job, because we want our boss’s penis.

>> We frequent a certain store/bank/coffee shop, because we want that cute clerk’s penis.

>> We leave the sociopath, because we want someone else’s penis.

Is anyone else laughing at the absurdity of how primal these fools are considering how evolved they claim to be?

Sociopaths lack “manhood.”

Therefore, every other male on the planet is a direct threat. The sociopath minimizes us with insults and threats to minimize the men they presume we desire.

Sociopaths know they suck and fear that we think they suck, too. So to punish us for what they fear we think, sociopaths freely accuse us of all kinds of…

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